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Hotel Galápagos

cevicheAll Ecuadorians enjoy a cold soup like dish called "ceviche". Each region in Ecuador has its own twist on the same dish. In costal Ecuador chefs use ketchup, in Cuenca they make ceviche with trout and here in Galapagos we like ours with fresh lime and Pacific fresh Wahoo, which is a mild white fish caught here in the islands.

Our Chef Edwin Viña, 5 years working at Hotel Solymar and 15 years experience as a chef here in Galapagos, has agreed to share his favorite recipe.

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Ecuador's tourism board unveiled its new campaign to attract international visitors. Though small geographically speaking , Ecuador is very diverse, from the World Travel Awards winner Quito, the new Legacy train that takes guests through the Andes, Amazon tours, sunny beaches along the Spondylus Route and UNESCO World Heritage Site Galapagos, we really do have all travelers need.

The letters from Ecuador's slogan "ALL YOU NEED IS ECUADOR" have been strategically placed around the globe including cities like Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin and in Ecuadorian cities like Guayaquil, Quito and even right here in Puerto Ayora. We are the proud host of the "O". Our employees, managers and owner pictured here below:

O all you need is ecuador 2 edit

The "O" stands at the maindock in Puerto Ayora for the next 10 days, so travelers disembarking from the cruise boats or just passing by can snap a quick pic!

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I admit when my grandmother offered to bring me here, 9 years ago, I said to myself “Galapagos Islands, cool, I’ve never been to Africa!”  Fast forward to now and I often find myself explaining to acquaintances just where the Galapagos are, where is Ecuador, and how hard is it to live on the equator (this from a lady who assumed that we lived on the small line that encircles the Earth). 

First lets located Ecuador (country highlighted in yellow below), it’s a small country sandwiched between Columbia and Peru. Once Columbia, Ecuador, northern Peru and Venezuela were part of “Gran Colombia” a republic united under Simon Bolivar. The republic didn’t last long, but you can see from the similar colors of the Ecuadorian, Venezuelan and Colombian flags (red, blue and yellow) that they share a common foundation.

south america peru ecuador venezuela

The Galapagos Islands, first visited in 1535 by Bishop of Panamá Fray Tomás de Berlanga , are 575 miles west of continental Ecuador. Charles Darwin visited these islands after setting sail in 1941 aboard the Beagle, he was in the Galapagos islands for less than a week and came up with his theory of evolution based on his short experience here.

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Conscious Connection Magazine's team of eco-ambassadors traveled to Hotel Solymar Galapagos to experience the adventure of a lifetime. The name Solymar means sun and sea – and these were the two promises initially made by the Perez family when they first opened their doors in the Galapagos Islands to travelers and friends more than 50 years ago. Since that time, Hotel Solymar has blossomed into a luxurious eco-resort which places you right in the middle of Galapagos island culture and wildlife.

Click the following link to read the full review of Hotel Solymar Galapagos in Conscious Connection Magazine.

Image credit: Sean Cervone, #CCMag

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Marine Iguana

Iguana ContrastThe ever present Marine Iguana, guest will spot many of these Endemic marine iguanas around our pool, hanging from the lava rock sea wall and even jumping from the roof. While marine iguanas are ungainly on land, in the water they are graceful swimmers. They use their tail for propulsion and their sharp claws for hanging on to rocks in strong currents. Marine iguanas eat seaweed, but also scrape algae off of rocks, which is why they have flat nose well adapted for doing so. They often have white patched on their faces, this comes from their nasal gland which expels excess salt that is ingested while eating.

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February 28, 2012, Isla Sol, Hotel Solymar's newest extension, inaugurated Jimmy Perez Ballroom. With a capacity of up to 70 people, Jimmy Perez Ballroom is the newest meeting space Galapagos has to offer. Our facility is complete state of the art equipment to make your next meeting a success!

img 8184

The Isla Sol is the perfect choice for your next South American meeting or conference. Located in central Puerto Ayora, and steps away from the Pacific Ocean our meeting facilities match fresh air with fresh ideas in a modern setting, perfect for any group when seeking a unique destination in South America.

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We are proud to offer our guests, access to the 2 most sought after islands in Galapagos, Santa Cruz and Isabella! We have paired up with Hotel Iguana Crossing in Isabella and created a package including a volcano tour in Isabella, walking with the Giant tortoises in the Highlands of Santa Cruz, exploring an ancient lava tunnel, and two chances to snorkel with sharks and penguins! *Hotel Solymar*


Santa Cruz Highlands, enjoy a photo session with Giant Tortoises!

Galapagos Adventure – Santa Cruz – Isabela

Referential Itinerary: (5 nights)

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To begin a story one must look to their history, our history begins with our father and founder of Hotel Solymar, Jimmy Perez.

In 1958, Mr. Jimmy Perez (Father of Julian and Renato Perez, present owners of hotel) arrived to Galapagos, after living in New York for 37 years.


Jimmy with his oldest son, Renato Perez

Don Jimmy was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but at the age of 12 he was sent to live in the United States. When he returned to visit Ecuador, a friend invited him to spend 3 weeks in a fishing boat in Galapagos, to catch lobster. So began his life changing trip to the Enchanted Islands.

The quiet, peace, nature and exotic landscapes captivated Don Jimmy's attention and he fell in love with the Islands and extended his stay on Santa Cruz Island, until he decided to buy a beachfront property in the area known as Pelican Bay.

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Our general manager, Julian Perez, with Ecuadorian singer, Juan Fernando Velazco. Juan Fernando Velazco gave a special

performance during the Galapagos Challenge triathlon this October. He stay in one of our city view rooms in Isla Sol.

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Solymar-featureThe Galapagos Islands, located nearly 1000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, are blessed with amazing scenic beauty. A trip to the Galapagos can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul and reward you with an experience that can be a memory of a lifetime.

A Galapagos Islands tour can be an exciting adventure — both for the children and the adults. The best way to explore the Galapagos is through a cruise tour that will take you to the many different islands and show you the myriad species of birds and animals that are unique to the Galapagos.

Link http://yourescapetoecuador.com/galapagos-islands-2/10-best-hotels-and-resorts-in-the-galapagos/

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tvecuatorianaCatrina Catrina Tala, María Teresa Guerrero y Erika Segale, Ecuadorian television personalities visited Hotel Solymar during the Galapagos Challenge triathlon. They enjoyed an exquisite sampling of sushi prepared by our chef.

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OmarBorkanfotoFamously known as the most handsome man in Arabia, Omar Borkan al Gala, stayed with us in Isla Sol during a quick visit to the Galapagos islands this October.

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